Rescue of Minor Children involved in Begging along Beach Belt of Goa

SCAN-India has been working along with Police tirelessly to help minor children who indulge in begging and child labour along the beach belt in North Goa, where they are rescued from that area and lodged sucessfully in Apna Ghar. These children are vulnerable to other incidents such as molestation, abuse and other such incidents. Scan-India and the Police have been working all day and night to stop child begging and child labour so that these children are helped and they have a better future ahead and not get into such incidents. Please if any of you’ll see such children, stop and ask them from where they are, whether they go to school, if they don’t ask them why they do not go, where are their family members, where they stay etc so that these children have a better future and not indulge in all this. You’ll could even contact SCAN-India NGO or the nearest police station, we could all work together to help these children and stop child begging and child labour in Goa.

Note: Faces of the minor children have been blurred in order to main privacy.

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