To create a statewide multidisciplinary protection and support service for children who are in conflict with the law. The children in conflict with law will be provided with psychological and social services. The reintegration and rehabilitation of these children will be facilitated through education, vocational trainings and career choices.

Legal Aid in the form of free legal services will be provided to the children. This is done in order to make sure justice is done to the victim children since most of them are from economically backward sections of society, knowing which, criminals take advantage of them.

Rehabilitation in the form of psychological and psycho social support so that these children can be reintegrated in society by appropriate rehabilitation plans.
Bringing children back to their normal self after a trauma is what we aim at doing so that they can live a normal life. Making them aware of the society, the good and bad that exists and how they are to live in cohesion with society. Training in particular vocational fields so that they can be self dependent and if necessary provide basic educational facilities.

Creating awareness and dissemination of information, on laws applicable to children, and juveniles in conflict with the law will constitute much of its roleplay. Goa Children’s Act 2003 and The Juvenile Justice Care and Protection Act will be the two acts that will set guidelines for the functioning of this unit.