Mr and Mrs D’costa sought help from SCAN-India regarding their only daughter, Melissa. Melissa aged 15 years had gone out informing her parents that she was going for a friend’s birthday and had not returned home or contacted her parents for the next 4 days.

Worried about their daughter, Mr and Mrs D’costa lodged a missing persons complaimt only to find that Melissa had spent those 4 days living with her 17 year old boyfriend. Once Melissa returned, the police and NGO took her statement. Melissa seemed very stubborn and defensive and refused to reveal the whole truth about what happened during the last 4 days.

Once SCAN-India was informed about this incident, the members managed to make Melissa feel comfortable and gained her confidence and trust. Melissa cooperated with the police and also with the NGO. She realised where she had faultered and accepted her mistake. After a lot of convincing, she agreed to go for a full medical examination. SCAN-India members also spoke to her parents and family members and helped them understand the procedure and took their view on the whole situation. Melissa’s parents admitted her Apna Ghar, so that she understands the seriousness of her mistakes. SCAN-India offered to provide counselling to Melissa once she was released from Apna Ghar.

SCAN-India team also paid visits to Melissa’s family and made constant calls to them in order to follow up on the case.