Maya, a women who went through tremendous pain only to survive and see to a better future of er children who visited SCAN-India requesting us to help admit her children in a shelter home as she was unable to take care of them by herself. Originally from Maharastra, Maya fell in love and got married at a very young age only just to find out that she was lied to by her husband about his family’s wealth and was forced to work to supporr her family. She bore 3 children and was married to an alcoholic who very often physically abused her. when she finally decided to speak up against this torture and violence, her drunk husband tried to ill her by setting her on fire.

She was rescued but she suffered 45% burns and did not receive proper medical treatment for more than a month. finally she was bought to Goa for treatment and a police complaint was lodged against her husband.

As Maya and her children are totally dependent on her brother, Maya requested SCAN-India to admit her children at a shelter home as until then, she would get cured and well, get a job and is capable enough to take care of her children on her own.

We conducted a home study regarding this case, wrote letters to CWC (Child Welfare Committee) requesting their permission. Completed the process and launched the children in a shelter home. We have also offered to give medical assistance to Maya.