Kartik Thapa, a 4 year old native of Nepal who has been brought up in Goa. SCAN-INDIA provided him with assistance as his mother had passed away a couple of months ago and he only had his father to take care of him. His father, a lobourer at a tile factory did not earn enough to support his son and give him the education and necessities he needed as a child. Also, since he (father) was working, there was no one to look after little Kartik at home. he would often loiter around the tile company where his father worked, being exposed to harmful substances.

SCAN-India was contacted with regard to this case. we met the father and son and interacted with them, explaining to the father the need to admit Kartik in a shelter home where he would be cared, give protection and a good education. after convincing Kartik and giving him counselling, a home study was conducted by us. we also assisted Karthik for medical, arranged for a meeting with CWC members and finally lauching him at Apna Ghar on temproary basis.

For a young, smart, friendly and eager to learn boy, Karthik’s life has taken a new direction, a direction towards a better future where he would be shifted to a better shelter home where he would get an oppertunity to learn, live a better life and have a brighter future.