Awareness Programme on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse held at Socorro on 9th February 2018

SCAN-India along with the Legal Aid Society of V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar conducted an awareness programme for the community members of Socorro Village on the topic Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. The resource person was Gabel Mascarenhas, Child Protection Coordinator at SCAN-India who shared his views on the topic. Around 70 people attended the programme which consisted both of Women and Children. The people were told about the types of domestic violence, what leads to violence, what happens in a violent family, types of child abuse, causes of child abuse, consequences of child abuse etc. They were even told on who they should report to about such issues and also about the work and fucntioning of SCAN-India. at the end of the programme the people were very grateful that someone could come and educate people on what happens in Goa and who th

ey should approach about such crimes.

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