Awareness Programme on Child Abuse held at People’s High School, Camurlim-Goa

Awareness programme was conducted on 9th December 2017 for the students of People’s High School, Camurlim-Goa, on the topic Child Abuse and Child Rights and on the various issues that happen in schools and also in Goa. Students of std 8th and 9th attended this session. The session was conducted by Gabel Mascarenhas, the Child Protection Coordinator and Valenka Fernandes Counsellor and was accompanied by Harshal Mandrekar at SCAN-India. The students were shown various videos on child abuse, social awareness, good touch and bad touch. The students were told about the types of abuse, good touch and bad touch and also on child rights. They were also told about various cases handled by SCAN-India. The programme was very effective and the students learnt a lot about child abuse, types of abuse, good touch and bad touch and were aware of all the issues that happen in Goa.The school showed a lot of interest and gave a very good response. The Principal were greatful that we came and told the students about this issue as it is of great importance for them to know about such issues.

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