SCAN-INDIA is an NGO which works for children and women who are in need of care and protection. We are helping the children who are victim of abuse. We also help and assist the Goa Police in children’s cases.

SCAN-INDIA is a non-government organisation (NGO) consisting of experienced persons and experts from the field of Social Work, Psychology and Law.

SCAN provides sustainable, comprehensive services for children and women who are abused, children in need of care and protection and children in conflict with the law.

SCAN-INDIA aims at working in partnership with stakeholders at different levels such as the local community, State, National and International governments and non government agencies, under a nationwide, multi-agency, child protection system.

SCAN-INDIA works in pursuit of the realisation of the protection of children and their rights as envisaged under the Convention on Child Rights. In order to achieve its goals and objectives SCAN comprises of three units i.e. Child Aid Unit, Juvenile Aid Unit and the Resource Unit.

SCAN-INDIA also creates awareness on child abuse and child rights. It Also works to create awareness and disseminate information on laws related to children and works towards improving the status of children.

SCAN-INDIA is committed to protecting children from abuse and all forms of exploitation. The organisation works in four areas i.e. protection, development, survival and participation in a consolidated manner by providing sustainable and comprehensive services to better the lives of children in Goa and in other states in India.