Goal I: Reach out to Children and women
We will offer children and women a 24 hours helpline that will provide intervention, assistance, counselling and legal advice in cases of child and women abuse or care and protection.

We will strengthen and expand our legal staff to fortify the present reform efforts and prepare us to take on a greater number of policy changes and reform campaigns in the years to come.

We will strengthen and expand our mental health services, to provide to the needs of the children and women and also to help them have a better life.

We will systematically document the results of our work, adding to the body of knowledge nationwide regarding best practices in child protection and using it to influence policy change at the local, state, and national levels.

Goal II: Improve Our Effectiveness
We will expand our resource department and its role in policy change, campaigns and advocacy to inform and guide the development and implementation of child rights nation wide. Conduct even more awareness on child abuse, cyber crimes, domestic violence, health and hygiene, sexual abuse, Juvenile Justice, child responsibilities etc.

Goal III: Build a Stronger Organization.
We will broaden the identity of development in the area of Child Rights.

We will expand opportunities to engage Interns and Volunteers to achieve our goals in the field of child protection and also to do outreach Programmes for the children and the parents from the slums and also for the Anganvadi Teachers who teach these slum children.

We will ensure a logical end to all the undertakings by the organisation. All follow up of cases will be done till the end and it will be seen that the cases get closed and handled effectively.